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Beezz - The VoIP Business Provider

As a telecom provider operating in a challenging and continuously changing world, we develop modern communication technology. Geniusly designed, intuitive and simple to use according to the most reliable standards.


At Beezz we distinguish ourselves from other providers by exclusively using indirect channels to sell our services and products.


In other words together with you, as a partner of Beezz, we develop and realize unified communication solutions for your customers. Rather than being responsible for technical facilities, software, training, maintenance, and more, business VoIP provider Beezz takes care of it all. Beezz ensures that you possess a thorough knowledge in order to achieve the desired solution for your customers.


Beezz' unique services and products can be offered by you, as a partner of Beezz, under your own name and label.

Let's get Beezzy!

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